Our Mascots

Our love affair with the breed began with Tucker. Tucker was adopted from the Lakes Region Humane Society in 1996 by our GM, Lisa Casaccio. Shortly after his adoption, he began coming to the dealership each and every day and was the first Golden to appear in our TV spots.


Of course the only thing better than one Golden is two, so in 1999 Cooper started coming to work at only 8 weeks old. He became the ‘big star’ in our ads and uttered the famous, ‘No Bones About It’ at the end of each TV spot.


We lost our beloved Tucker in June of 2002 and Cooper needed a companion. In keeping with our belief that 2 Goldens are better than one, our GM traveled to Vermont and brought back Trevi. Named for the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, he is our most vocal Golden and may greet you at the door with a friendly ‘Woof–Welcome to Rochester Toyota’!


Now 3 Goldens may not be better than 2; in fact 3 can be a handful. But if you ever meet Dealer (great name, huh!) you’ll understand why we got him. He began life as a show dog and would occasionally make “guest apperances” at the dealership. Dealer decided he’d rather be a pet and work at the dealership than be a show dog and began his career in the car business at 19 months old.



At Rochester Toyota we’re just crazy about golden retrievers. We have to be because now we have 4 of them! Someone made the comment,” your dogs don’t know how good they have it.” That comment got our owner, Lisa, thinking and with the poor economy, she began seeing many stories about abandoned and unwanted dogs. So……

She decided to once again adopt and give a less fortunate dog a chance at a better life. ENTER DAWSON…


(sung to the tune of 12 days of Christmas)
Let us start by saying we know our owner is crazy having 5 dogs. Even she knows it, and it does not help that her best friend breeds goldens.


However, that did not stop her from adopting Rev, a very handsome golden. Mascot RevRev began life as a show dog but like his Uncle Dealer (his real uncle by the way) that life was not for him. He lived with our owner’s best friend for 14 months before she placed him in what was supposed to be his forever home. Unfortunately after 8 months his new owner took ill and he was returned. Our GM’s friend wanted the best for Rev as she had owned him personally herself for 14 months. She tried and tried to find him the perfect home, but none seemed to match Rev’s needs. She then told her friend Lisa who was moved by Rev’s plight and her friend’s tears. Rev came “on a trial basis” which did not last long as he is so easy to fall in love with. He is now in his forever home with his 4 brother’s.


We lost our handsome Dealer boy in Feb 2010. And then there were 4. Cooper passed suddenly the following February from liver cancer. And then there were 3! We were down to our 3 golden boys….Trevi, Rev and Dawson, who were happy, content and quite spoiled.


ENTER RILEY…..Bored one Saturday morning Lisa spotted an adorable little white dog on Craigslist available thru New England Lab Rescue. “Snow” as was her original name, was about 5 mos. old and living in a backyard with 14 other dogs. This was overwhelming to the owner and he decided to place several of these dogs with rescue organizations. She was then transported to New England. Although she is a mixed breed she looks like a miniature lab. Of course she was sooooo adorable Lisa had to go meet her. Yep it was love at first sight. A trial basis followed and we all know what that leads to. We renamed her Riley because she has the “Life of Riley” both at home and at work. She is still a bit skittish due to her early mos. of living outside without much human contact, however, she is coming out of her shell and has become the boss of the house!


Now you know our owner’s best friend breeds goldens……and then every once in a while she has to place one ……

ENTER FAITH…..Mascot Faith This was a no brainer because Faith just happens to be Rev’s sister. And because Lisa is crazy about goldens and always wanted to have siblings in her house Faith came to live with us in Jan 2012. Of course she fit right in. Now we had never had a dainty, feminine little golden. Well Faith is anything but. She roughs it up like the rest of them and seems to get dirtier and in more trouble than our boys. Of course it doesn’t help that Riley is always egging her on. Faith and Rev are homebodies and prefer to “work from home.” However they do seem to make some guest appearences now and then. Look for them in some of our upcoming tv spots.


Unfortunately we lost Dawson to stomach cancer in May 2012. Trevi is now the star in our TV spots and tends to get jealous when the other dogs want to appear in them as well. We have a very balanced dog household now; 2 boys and 2 girls and Lisa plans on keeping it that way……for now……

Please come and meet our canine family. They are “scheduled” Monday thru Friday from about 9am-6pm. They are always happy to assist you with your vehicle needs as well has helping you eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Come hang out with them in our customer lounge….you may want to bring some dog cookies!!!!